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Welcome to the website of Naresh Sohal, a unique voice in contemporary classical music.


Born in Punjab in 1939, and a long-time resident of the UK, Sohal’s work spans two cultures. As a British composer, he writes fluently in the Western idiom: as an Asian composer, he draws heavily on the insights of Indian philosophy.


Sohal combines musical passion with technical brilliance to further his main purpose, which is always the elevation of the human spirit. His music has been performed worldwide.



In 1987 he was awarded a Padma Shri by the Indian government for his services to Western music.





'Naresh is a very talented composer. You feel the Indian flavour and it is fascinating. Some of my colleagues should pay more attention to him.' - Zubin Mehta, Outlook India, 14.02.10.

'He has such a command of orchestration, it's ridiculous. There's no-one else I could name on the planet like him.'

- Graham de Wilde, music producer and composer, Sept 2007

'Sohalji's work really stands apart.' -

Pyarelal, composer and music director, Bollywood movies, Sunday Hindustan Times, 28.02.10.

'Like Berlioz or Tippett, his musical style has a maverick independence and a peculiar set of criteria all its own'. - Meirion Bowen, the Guardian, 21.8.82.