Learning How to play Guitar – Patience is the Key

Patience: Be Prepared To Be Frustrated At The Start

As a beginning guitarist, the most common problem you are going to run into is feeling frustrated and wanting to give up. This usually happens a couple of days or weeks after you first start. This is definitely the most common problem you will run into as a new musician. It is as unavoidable and unwelcome as the calluses you will develop on your fingertips. More new guitarists have probably been disqualified by impatience more than anything else.

We have a tendency to forget that when we are a beginning guitarist, just about everything that you force your body to do with a guitar is strange and new to it. Your body and hands have the incredible ability to adapt to what you are focusing on. It will end up adapting to the point that it will feel like second nature to play scales and chords. However, it will take time to get there.

Having realistic expectations helps as well. New players all reach a phase when they start feeling overwhelmed, after they have struggled with picking, strumming or chords for a couple of days, without making much or no progress. That is when reality has a tendency to hit you and you realize that learning a new skill such as playing the guitar isn’t the same thing as ordering take-out or performing a Google search. It takes more effort and time, and doesn’t give you much in the beginning in terms of instant gratification. Much more tips are available at OPSMA music school which is providing excellent private guitar lessons Mississauga.

The good new however, is that after you are able to get over the hump, things have a tendency to begin to progress much more quickly, as your brain starts acquiring new patterns of recognition when it comes to the guitar’ fret board, and your hands start developing new muscles.

So be prepared for some frustration and impatience to overcome you at some point. How you react to your emotions will help to determine whether you go on to mastering the guitar, or you become just another statistic of someone who played the guitar for only two weeks.


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